A guide to choose the right i‐Piano Visualizer Model to suit your need

  • Think about your primary usage and secondary usage of the Piano MIDI Visualizer
  • Which Piano/Keyboard model(s) planning to use with the Visualizer and 5pin MIDI or USB connectivity
  • Comparisson of Visualizer’s builtin features and color effects


i-Piano MIDI Visualizer – Model U   Connection Options

  • Model U always has to be connected to a Computer to operate.
  • If the Piano has traditional MIDI(Round 5Pin), you need a MIDI 5pin DIN to USB cable converter to connect to the computer.
    (connect both MIDI Piano and i-Piano Visualizer to the Computer)
  • MIDI software required (Synthesia software recomended)


i-Piano MIDI Visualizer – Model US   Connection Options

  • This model is designed to work standalone with a Piano/Keyboars having USB-to-Host port.
  • Piano or Electronic Keyboard must have a USB-to-Host port.
  • An external USB Power (5V) source – a Powerbank is recommended.


i-Piano MIDI Visualizer – Model T Connection Options

  • Piano or Electronic Keyboard need to have Traditional-MIDI(round 5pin) Out port.
  • Connect to an external USB Power (5V) source. Powerbank is recommended.
  • This model is optimized to work standalone with a Piano/Keyboard.
    * So, cannot connect to a computer directly.