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Evolution of MIDI Visualizer

1 Pianos/keyboards without MIDI over USB connection need TraditionalMIDI-to-USB-Converter to connect to the Computer. Once properly configured, this will also support all the above-mentioned functions.  (Low-quality MIDI-USB-Converters may affect the visualizer performance, and may give errors!)

1 Pianos/keyboards without MIDI connection will not support the above self-tutoring facility and Light-waiting-until-key-play facility. It will just act as a Visualizer by lighting on playing keys.

2 This model must be always connected to a Computer. (Contact us if you need need a Standalone Model that can be used without a computer or Tablet)

3 Some additional skills and tools on Video recording, video Editing, etc are required.  

* Contact us to get clear your doubts always before you Place the Order. Since this is a new product we would like to know your specific requirements. We can Customize models with different numbers of keys, different requirements, and added features.

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